Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 94 - Titan’s Heart

Chapter 94 - Titan’s Heart

Chapter 94 - Titans Heart

Although Shi Feng was shocked, his feet never stopped moving. His figure turned into an after image as he rushed towards the Titans Heart, located at the center of the barrier. He then used Observing Eyes on the Dark Clown.

Unknown? Shi Feng was shocked.

Aside from the information showing that the figure was indeed a Dark Clown, there was nothing else displayed. All of it was just question marks.

There were only two possibilities for such a situation to occur. The first was that the Dark Clown was equipping an advanced camouflage item. The other was that its strength was simply too overwhelming, preventing the basic Observing Eyes from identifying it.

It was very clearly the latter situation taking place in this case.

According to Shi Fengs memories, Dark Clowns were a group of mysterious lifeforms. They always wore clown clothing with many bells as decorations. They looked human, but were not human. However, neither were they living spirits. Each one of them was extremely powerful. They could simply appear at any location, and they could come and go without leaving behind a single trace. Even if it was the Palace of Star-Moon Kingdom, they could still easily enter it.

However, this was but a small matter. Shi Feng had previously seen a Tier 3 Great Druid NPC die at the hands of the Dark Clowns. Their methods of attacking were simply unforgettable. The attacks were impossible to avoid.

Despicable human, you actually dare barge into this place?! The Dark Clown had its face wrapped in a black cloth, revealing only its two glowing red eyes. Although its enraged expression could not be seen, its tone was extremely agitated.

Streak after streak of green colored energy was currently being absorbed by the Dark Clown. Clearly it was a crucial moment, so it was unable to take action against Shi Feng.

This situation gave Shi Feng a chance to prevent this assimilation ceremony, and deal heavy damage to the Dark Clown. Otherwise, when this critical period passed, the Dark Clown, which was capable of killing even a Tier 3 Great Druid, would instantly kill Shi Feng with just a wave of its hand.

Cyber, get rid of him for me! the Dark Clown urged.

Shi Feng revealed a faint smile. Seeing the Dark Clowns anxious appearance, Shi Feng tried even harder to deal some damage against it. As for the Hellhound behind him, it was still restricted by chains. It was too late, even if it tried to rush over to Shi Feng.


Shi Feng used all of his strength. With the flick of his wrist, a large explosion sounded out. The Abyssal Blade turned into a streak of black light, piercing directly towards the Magic Circle that was absorbing energy from the Titans Heart.


The Magic Weapon Abyssal Blade, which had been successful in every previous endeavor, was blocked outside of the Magic Array. It created brilliant white sparks as it collided with the Magic Array, dealing no damage at all to the Absorption Magic Array.

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Pitiful human. Did you think a weak little Swordsman like you could destroy my Magic Array? Just give up and become Cybers food! Who knows, I might even let your soul go. Otherwise, prepare for endless pain after you die! the Dark Clown threatened.

At this moment, the Hellhound rushed over.

Youre just a clown, yet you dare spout nonsense! Did you think I have no ways to deal with you? Shi Feng sneered. He took out a dark, gray-colored Magic Scroll from his bag.


Youre literally insane! Do you know what you are trying to do!?

The Dark Clown abruptly yelled out in shock after seeing this piece of dark, gray-colored Magic Scroll.

It seems you know your stuff. At worst, well both die together. Shi Feng did not wish to use this item either, however, he was going to die anyway, so why should he still care? He then unfolded the Magic Scroll, and his mouth started chanting the activation incantation.

This was one of the only three Tier 2 Magic Scrolls that Shi Feng possessed: Obliterating Torrent. It possessed the ability to devour all magic elements, turning them into nothingness. This Magic Scroll belonged to the peak of Tier 2 Magic Scrolls.

Suddenly, the magic elements in the center of the barrier surged, becoming incomparably violent, following which, it started collapsing without any signs of stopping.

The Absorption Magic Array was made up of magic elements, so, naturally, it could not escape its fate as it collapsed and exploded.

The entire Magic Array was similar to frying beans, producing crackling sounds. The Magic Array loudly exploded, dispersing streak after streak of dazzling shockwaves.

Shi Feng immediately activated Defensive Blade, becoming immune to the damage of six ranged attacks. He then rushed towards the Titans Heart.

However, it was not easy to collect the Titans Heart. Shi Feng either had to deplete all the energy the Titans Heart possessed, or he would need to have the key to remove the barrier. Fortunately, Shi Feng had the key. In the midst of the explosions, Shi Feng unlocked the barrier protecting the Titans Heart, then stored it in his bag.

The shockwaves created by the Obliterating Torrent sent the Hellhound flying away, violently slamming it into a wall. The wall then split apart like a spiderweb. Following which, the Hellhound heavily landed on the ground, and didnt stand back up.

However, the shockwaves of the explosion did no harm to the Dark Clown, as if they had just passed through its body. The Dark Clowns body seemed as though it did not exist in this plane of existence. However, the backlash from the magic ceremony failing had caused great damage to it. The Dark Clown silently glared at Shi Feng, faintly having the intention to take action.

Humph! Come if you have the ability! Shi Feng smiled in disdain as he took out another deep-blue colored Tier 2 Magic Scroll.

Shi Feng had already obtained the Titans Heart. Even if he died, a Quest Item could not be dropped. The Dark Clown was already extremely weakened as well, and at most, it would only be slightly stronger than him. Shi Feng still had two pieces of Tier 2 Magic Scrolls. At worst, he would perish together with the Dark Clown.

He could still revive after dying, but if the Dark Clown died, then it would truly be dead.

Lets see whos afraid of who!

Despicable human, Ill let you off this time! We will meet again sooner or later. It will be your death when that time comes! The Dark Clown gave up the notion of getting rid of Shi Feng after seeing the Magic Scroll. It only left behind a ruthless remark as it disappeared from the control room, together with the Hellhound.

Shi Feng silently waited for a moment. After confirming no movements from his surroundings, he let loose a breath of relief. However, he did not store away the Tier 2 Magic Scroll.

He truly did not wish to use the Tier 2 Magic Scroll and perish together with the Dark Clown. However, based on the Dark Clowns intelligence, it too would make the right choice.

Shi Feng had already obtained the Titans Heart. He took out a Return Scroll and started chanting.

Thirty seconds later Shi Feng turned into a white glow, disappearing from the control room as well.

After Shi Feng disappeared, the Dark Clown appeared once more. The red glow let out from its eyes became even more brilliant now. It clearly did not expect Shi Feng to be so cautious. From beginning to end, Shi Feng had never put away the Tier 2 Magic Scroll. Otherwise, it would have had a chance to kill Shi Feng.

Wretched human! The method Ive spent more than ten years researching to absorb the energy from the Titans Heart...! When I recover, I will definitely make you wish for death! the Dark Clown bellowed. It abruptly waved its hand, and tens of flying blades destroyed the pedestal, which lost the protection of the barrier.

On the other side, Shi Feng had already returned to Red Leaf Town.

Currently, the amount of players in Red Leaf Town grew even greater. The streets were filled with players selling Level 0 to Level 2 Common Equipment and basic skill books.

Shi Feng took a look at his bag. It had been some time since Gold Coins stopped entering his account. He thus decided to go sell some items before going to hand in his Quest.

The previous Forging Designs were already sold out. Shi Feng took out another twenty pieces of Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs and placed them at the Auction House to be sold in batches.

At this time, a communication request came from Gentle Snow.

Three hours from now, meet up in front of Dark Moon Graveyards entrance. Get your team prepared for it and bring the necessary potions. Our Ouroboros must definitely snatch the First Clear of this Dungeon this time, so well be looking forward to your performance, Gentle Snows tone was very indifferent, as if she was giving out a command. It was completely different from their meeting just now.

Will do. Ill definitely arrive three hours from now. However, Shi Feng did not particularly mind it, as that was the Snow Goddesss regular attitude. He estimated the time, thinking that he should be able to make it.

Neither of them traded unnecessary words, immediately disconnecting the call.

After that, Shi Feng purchased Card Sets and Hard Stones at the Auction House. He also bought some materials required to make Bronze Equipment and Mysterious-Iron Equipment. After storing the materials inside the bank, Shi Feng went on to buy some Magic Scrolls and necessary potions. He then ran towards the White Sand Ruins to turn in his Quest.

Chapter end

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