Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 129: Bravery

Chapter 129: Bravery

All the young wizards held their breath, and their eyes focused on Evan who was being hugged tightly by the werewolf.

It appeared on their faces that they suspected that this thin boy might be bitten at any time by the ferocious werewolf.

But that did not happen, and Evan was calm as if there was nothing to be afraid of.

On the flipside, the werewolf who was clinging to him wept as in whisper. Everyone saw the horrifying wolfs face soaked in tears.

After Evan, Harry also stepped forward and embraced Professor Lupin.

He was a little bit clumsy in his movements, but he hugged him much longer than Evan.

Professor, whether you are a werewolf or not, I trust you. Harry wiped off his own tears and choked. You are my fathers friend and youre the best Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Ive ever seen!

Professor Lupin shuddered when he heard Harrys words.

If Evan reminded him of Sirius Black, Harry was on the other hand exactly like his father, James.

Looking at Harrys face, Lupin went back in time remembering his feelings in his schooldays.

The office was silent and nobody spoke.

What Evan and harry provided them with was a concrete demonstration. The young wizards were considering the possibility that Lupin was safe.

Everyone was familiar with Harry and Evan.

At Hogwarts, the two kids were almost equally famous.

In fact, compared to the savior Harry, many young wizards had a better impression of Evan and it seemed like it was so natural for them to trust him.

Despite the fact that Harry had a better reputation, because they thought he had defeated Voldemort, many young wizards inexplicably thought of Dark wizards whenever they saw Harry. Because of his character and his ability to speak parceltongue, there were still rumors floating around that he was to end up as the third generation of Dark Lords.

As for Evan, although his parents were both ordinary Muggles, since enrolling in the school, the boy has revealed to everyone his own noble self-confidence, excellent learning ability, easy-to-reach character, unparalleled courage and innate kingship and leadership qualities.

Although such things might sound empty, there was a reason why everyone believed in Evan. With his unprecedented magic newspaper, handsome appearance, and strong magical power, Evan left a deep impression on all students, especially girls.

Last semester he went deep into the Chamber of Secrets to hunt down the Basilisk. Then he drove the Dementors away at the Quidditch pitch a few months ago. And just today, he faced and survived a werewolf attack. Evan was becoming very popular; and the center of attention of all school students.

Although no one talked about the matter, many young wizards and even senior students were secretly admiring him.

If Harry alone trusted Professor Lupin, many people would still doubt it.

But even Evan said that this horrifying werewolf was safe, he told everyone that Lupin had taken the Wolfsbane potion. He also proved that by embracing Remus. Almost all the young wizards began to think about whether they should trust Lupin or not.

The discussion started to heat up gradually, but it suddenly stopped.

Everyone was surprised to see Hermione stepping out of the crowd. Her tearful eyes were glowing as she looked at the three, Evan, Harry, and Lupin. She seemed to be touched by the scene.

Step by step, she went to Professor Lupin in his werewolfs form. The latter could see that the young girl still had some fears in her heart, but her eyes were very firm.

She stepped forward and hugged Professor Lupin.

We all trust you, Professor! Hermione whispered.

Hearing Hermiones words, Lupin plunged into uncontrollable trembling.

Hermiones actions were even more moving than those of Evan and Harry.

After all, he didnt have much contact with Hermione before now. Lupin never expected that she would do so.

Youre right, Hermione! Evan looked at the other young wizards and asked gently, Who else trusts the werewolf, and who wants to come and hug him?

No one did speak, nor did anyone move.

Under Evans burning gaze, everyone lowered their heads.

Many thought that they would easily hug Lupin in the past. But with his current horrific appearance, they became hesitant.

Knowledge wasnt enough to make them move. Not everyone had such courage.

After a short while of silence, someone unexpected stood out from the crowd.

It was Neville. He trembled as he was walking out, and his face was red. And he flinched as he got close to Professor Lupin.

As he passed by Snape, the latter gave him a sly glance. It scared him so much that he almost fell down.

However, he was able to remain standing. He still remembered that in class, when facing the Boggart, it was professor Lupin that gave him courage to face his deepest fears.

Although he usually lacked such courage, he remembered the feeling from that day.

It was bravery!! !

Neville slowly walked to Professor Lupin and silently embraced him.

He didnt say anything. His blushing round face was full of pride. Hugging was just a simple gesture. But here, the one to hug was a werewolf. To do it in front of the whole school, it required great bravery. Not anyone could do such a thing.

Evan knew right there and then that Neville just overcame many difficulties in his heart.

Compared to himself, Harry and Hermione, this simple hug was especially meaningful for both Neville and Professor Lupin.

Seeing Nevilles actions, the young wizards were in turmoil again.

Unlike the three who were ahead of everyone, Evan, Harry and Hermione, Neville was just an ordinary, unremarkable student in the eyes of everyone. He usually had nothing to do with the limelight, and his name amongst those who knew him was synonym with forgetfulness and cowardice.

No one ever thought that he would have the courage to do such a thing.

Neville was gasping for breath. In the eyes of others, he just briefly embraced Professor Lupin, but to him, it was a challenge of a caliber that he had never faced before.

Evan hurried to walk over and brought Neville up. He looked a bit weak on his legs.

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I did it, Evan! Neville said with a trembling voice. Im not afraid. I embraced Professor Lupin. I believe he will not hurt everyone.

It all was like a dream. Even Neville himself could not believe that he just embraced a werewolf.

Yes, youre the best Neville! Evan took Neville to a chair next to him.

In all honesty, Evan did not expect that after he had finished his words, Neville would be the first to step up.

He had to admit that this forgetful, ordinary boy beside him did have courage that no one else could match.

Unlike Harry, Nevilles character is introverted and delicate. The courage within his heart was usually well hidden. But as a true Gryffindor, Neville was definitely the most trustworthy companion at critical moments.

Chapter end

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