Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 108: Contact with the Stray Dog

Chapter 108: Contact with the Stray Dog

We can go there! said Hermione, pointing to Madam Puddifoots Tea Shop and squinting. This shop seems to be very special!

Are you sure?! Evan looked at the tea shop with surprise.

If it hadnt been just mentioned by Cho Chang, he would have never noticed this place. It was full of pink, pretty girlish ornaments, with cheesy lace, and Evan doubted the owners taste.

Of course Im sure, hurry up and go in, Evan; I dont want other people to think Im just standing alone in the snow. Hermione said, It looks like its cubicle inside, you shouldnt worry about being discovered, and you will be able to take off the cloak.

Evan and Hermione crossed the street and entered the small Tea Shop.

There was a sweet scent in the air. The tearoom was small and misty. It seemed that everything was decorated with frills or bows. Over every small round table was flying a golden cherub, and from time to time, it threw pink confetti over the people below.

They sat down at the only remaining round table, next to the steamed up window.

Next to them was a big Christmas tree. Through the gaps between the leaves, a fifth year Hufflepuff boy could be seen. He was with a beautiful blond girl and they held hands.

Evan was a bit uncomfortable and Hermione too.

They seemed to have just discovered that there were only couples in the place, all holding hands.

What do you take? A middle-aged stout woman with a shiny black bun squeezed herself through the two tables.

Two cups of coffee, please! said Evan.

As he raised his head, his face was sprinkled with pink confetti by the golden cherub in mid air.

While waiting for coffee, Evan noticed that the couple next to him began to kiss each other over the sugar bowl between them. He stuck his lips together and really wished they didnt do that.

Hermione apparently noticed it as well. She turned her head and looked at Evans eyes, and then they looked away from each other in panic.

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The atmosphere was very embarrassing. Evan was focused on not messing things up.

But he couldnt hold his imagination. He felt that the couple in front of them was making a model that Hermione would soon want to emulate.

He was not sure if he wanted to do so. He and Hermione have not yet reached this point.

According to the protocol, shouldnt the two confess to each other before doing such a thing?!

Evan said to himself: I really like Hermione so much. Besides, since she invited me to come to this Tea Shop, shouldnt that be a hint?

If so, should he take the initiative?!

Hermiones cheeks were so red, so lovely, just like a ripe apple, that anyone could not help but take a bite.

No matter what, get over it! Feelings of fear and excitement soared, and Evan was determined to swallow it.

His body leaned forward slightly, reached out and held Hermiones cold hands, and they instantly stopped breathing.

Hermione trembled slightly and seemed to want to pull her hands back, but she immediately stopped and let them go. Her face never looked so red.

Her eyes blurred and looked at Evan. The sweet smell in the air almost stopped her brain from thinking.

She saw Evans body coming over, as if he was to do something. She wanted to dodge backwards, but her right hand was tightly held by his. Hermiones body trembled slightly; although this was not the first time she had her hands held by Evan, this time was exceptionally electrifying.

Hermione couldnt remember the precise moment in which this boy had taken her heart. Perhaps it was last year, when he protected her from the basilisk; or this year, when he faced over one hundred Dementors, in a time of fear and helplessness, or

Before now, she had heard of this Tea Shop from other girls.

The appearance of Cho Chang gave her an inexplicable feeling of threat. She used to think that it was just an ordinary meeting place. She did not expect that everyone would be there.

She knew what Evan was going to do next, but she didnt feel offended at all. Yet, wasnt it too soon for that?

Her palms were all sweaty, and her heart thumped and flopped. She should stop Evan. They shouldnt do it, but she didnt have any strength.

She saw Evan getting closer and closer, and she could feel his breath.

The distance between the two of them was getting shorter and shorter

Just as Evans lips were about to touch Hermiones, Madam Puddifoot came over with two cups of coffee.

They hurriedly split up like kittens that had done something bad. The action of their movement was so big that they nearly turned the table over.

Madam Puddifoot said nothing, but the unfathomable smile on her face caused them to be embarrassed.

Evans face was hot and he turned to look at the window.

Just then, through the thick water vapor, he saw the Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge, Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, Hagrid and two Aurors that he did not recognize proudly walking across the street. They six of them marched hard in the snow, and it seemed that they were going to the Three Broomsticks Inn across the street.

Evan hurriedly glanced at them and his attention was completely drawn to two short figures beside them: a big black dog and a ginger cat gliding through the street: they were Sirius Black and Crookshanks. .

It was not surprising that Black was so bold that he appeared blatantly in Hogsmeade, and they passed by Professors Fudge, McGonagall, Flitwick, and Hagrid.

Black stopped and looked guiltily at the back of Fudge and the two Aurors.

Oh, thats Crookshanks. What is it in Hogsmeade for?!

Looking at were Evan was staring, Hermione saw Crookshanks through the window. She did not see Sirius Black because of her viewing angle.

Wait, Hermione, Ill go and bring it back!

Evan hurried up, and under the astonished eyes of Hermione and Madam Puddifoot, opened the door and rushed into the blizzard outside.

He didnt know why when he thought of Rons recent unusual behaviors; he felt a sense of unease. Although he had a plan, it would be nice if he could contact Sirius Black before that.

On the street, the shadows of Black and Crookshanks disappeared on the corner of the street, leaving two rows of shallow and deep footprints on the thick snow.

Evan followed the footprints and came to the Owl Post Office. The inside was gloomy. There were owls on the shelves, at least 300 of them, ranging from common Great Grays to palm-sized Scops owls. They shouted low.

Besides the owls, there was no one in the shop.

Black and Crookshanks seemed to be on the second floor, where there were the Post owls which were trained to bring postage from a distance.

Evan pulled out his wand. The post office had only one door. If he enters there, Black wouldnt have anywhere to go.

Evan did not know why Black had to send a letter, but it was indeed a good opportunity to make contact with him.

Chapter end

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