Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 79 – [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step]

Chapter 79 – [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step]

Seeing this person, Gan Lins pupils constricted, and he said indifferently: Feng Wutian, have the jade identity cards arrived?

Long Chen also looked at the suddenly arriving male. This man seemed to be in his twenties. He seemed a lot younger than Gan Lin, but in comparison, his prowess seemed more profound.

In front of Long Chen and the others, this handsome male named Feng Wutian entered the Martial Techniques Training Hall. Without speaking, he produced 5 identity badges, then turned to leave. As he was leaving he stared coldly at Long Chen. Long Chen felt a cold shiver in his heart.

This made him inhale sharply.

After Feng Wutians departure, Gan Lin asked concernedly, Long Chen, are you ok?

Long Chen nodded his head and asked: Senior Brother Gan, Ive never met Feng Wutian before, but why does it seem like he has such animosity towards me?

Gan Lin laughed bitterly and shook his head: Feng Wutian is the most talented disciple under Enforcer Liu. Hes currently 19 and is already at the peak of the Human Dan Realm. He will most probably break through into Earth Dan Realm soon. You shouldnt become enemies with people like that. However, I should inform you that Huang Feiyang used to tag along with Feng Wutian, and could be considered his follower. Enforcer Liu punished Huang Feiyang on your behalf today. Towards you, he

Immediately, Long Chen was at a loss for words.

Because of Lingqings horse, there was enmity between him and Huang Xiang. For injuring Huang Xiang, Huang Feiyang had tried to kill him. For getting Huang Feiyang punished, he had provoked this genius Feng WutianLaTest novls on (n)velbi/(.)co

Long Chen really felt at a loss over this matter.

I cant even handle Huang Feiyang, and now this Feng Wutian has popped up

That cool gaze Feng Wutian gave before he left put Long Chen in a bad mood, but he also knew that his current strength wouldnt stack up against him. His life was no more important than a weed. The only thing Long Chen could do for now was to endure!

Just wait until I become truly formidable. Whoever offended this daddy, this daddy will surely make them pay.

Thinking this far, an ominous light appeared from within Long Chens eyes. Seeing Long Chens appearance Gan Lin shook his head and said, Dont be this rash. You cant even match up again Huang Feiyang, much less Feng Wutian. They are all subjects under Enforcer Liu so you better not clash with them. Feng Wutians potential is greater than yours, and Enforcer Liu is very fond of him. When the moment comes, Enforcer Liu might even cripple you with her own hands. So I advise you to behave and apologize. Its still doable. A real man knows and when to stand tall, and when to give in.

Gan Lins words felt like a hammer pounding on his head. Biting his lips, he knew that for his Yang Familys sake, he had to endure.

Seeing that Long Chen appeared to be alright, Gan Ling didnt dwell on it. One by one, he gave everyone their identity badges and said, everyone should try their identity badge using the method that I told you about.

Long Chen received the palm-sized jade badge. There were strange runes on the front of the jade badge. On the backside, the two signs for Long Chen were carved into it. It looked exquisite. Long Chen grasped the jade badge and probed it with his Qi. As expected pieces of information surged into his head.

Name: Long Chen. Affiliation: Outer Faction, Green Faction, Green Sun Branch. Strength: 9th level of the Dragon Vein Realm. Category: Beast Warrior. Dragon Vein Realm Beast Spirit Origin: Huang grade fifth level demon beast, Underground Blood Lizard. Origin: Yuanling County, Poplar Town, Yang Family Prefecture. Contribution points: 0

This data will change according to your own bodys improvements. Gan Lin explained from the side.

Long Chen stashed away his identity badge into his cosmos pouch.

With this badge, he officially belonged to the Ling Wu Familys outer faction.

Up till now, Gan Lin had told them everything they needed. He smiled faintly, looked over these people, and said, In five days you will receive your first assignments. This assignment is of uttermost importance to all of you. When that time comes, you must give it everything you have!

There is such hurry?

Long Chen thought they would get some time to recuperate. After all, they had just finished the selections and everyone had some degree of injuries. Taking Long Chen as an example, that punch that he had received from Huang Feiyang had made him lose all of his fighting strength. Even standing up required all of his willpower.

Gan Lin nodded his head and said, This is your first assignment, and also the time where you will express your devotion to the Lingwu Family. I know youve all had a rough time, but I came prepared

Gan Lin extracted a couple stalks of herbs from his cosmos pouch and said, This here is a Huang grade high-class elixir. It has the ability to treat both internal and external injuries. It should be more than enough to make you all return to your highest battle prowess within five days. This should be regarded as your first reward after joining the faction.

With this Canola Grass, Long Chen no longer felt worried. He received the stalk of Canola Grass just like everyone else, and put it into his Cosmos pouch. At the same time, Gan Lin reached into his cosmos pouch, produced a piece of sheepskin parchment, and said while smiling, Every new faction member will receive a gift. Each one gets a basic Profound grade martial technique and ten pieces of deity jade. I will give you the deity jades in a minute, but first look through this list and choose a martial technique. You can ask me about the specifics of each technique

Gan Lin gave the sheepskin parchment to one of them, then reached into his Cosmos pouch and produced 50 deity jades, sharing it amongst the five people.

Long Chens total wealth finally reached 11 deity jades.

Normal initial Human Dan Realm cultivators wouldnt have more than a hundred deity jades.

The Lingwu Family sure is generous. Advanced Profound grade Canola Grass, ten pieces of deity jade, and most importantly, a basic Profound grade martial technique!

Long Chen was shocked to his core.

Very quickly, with Gan Lins explanations, the four other people each picked out a martial technique. Finally, it was Long Chens turn to pick. Long Chen swept his gaze over the parchment and found out that the names of every martial technique on the list were awe inspiring. Fist Techniques, Finger Techniques, Seal Techniques, Claw Techniques, Kick Techniques, everything was included They even had Sword Techniques.

For offensive techniques, I already have the middle Profound grade [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist]. Even if I receive another Profound grade offensive technique, it wont do me any good.

As he thought about that, Long Chen browsed through the titles. It was until he had almost looked through all of them that he found a body martial technique known as [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step]

Long Chen asked: I wonder how good this [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step] is?

Long Chen already had a Profound grade martial technique, so when he chose a body martial technique, Gan Lin wasnt shocked. He showed an expression that felt like he knew that Long Chen would pick such a martial technique as he explained, The [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step] is the most popular one among the Profound grade body martial techniques. When using the [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step] in battle, your body will be like a water serpent in water. Your speed and unpredictable moves will make it hard for your opponent to lock on your position. If another strong offensive battle technique was coupled with it, itll definitely bring out great effects. The toughness of your body after your bestial transformation will be extremely suited to use the [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step] skill!

Since Gan Lin gave [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step] such high praise, Long Chen decided on the spot and said, Then Ill pick this one

Since Long Chen was able to select something that suited himself, Gan Lin also felt happy for him. Every piece of information was relayed and every item was delivered. Therefore, Gan Lin stood up and smoothed out his girdle and said: Ive taken enough of your time. Hurry back to your residents and recuperate. While at it, familiarize yourselves with your new martial skills. I live the area designated for the Green Factions first rank disciples. If you have any questions, you can come find me!

Upon saying that, Gan Lu just walked off.

The remaining people were anxious to head back so they merely get acquainted with each other before heading back to their rooms.

No one is able to enter the Lingwu Familys disciples rooms, as the door can only be opened using the jade card with the owners identity.

After opening the door, when Long Chen looked at the delicate decorations, it was an eye-opener for him. Just as expected, the Lingwu City really had good resources. The living places for the Fourth Grade Disciples were unexpectedly this luxurious.

After closing the door, Lingxi immediately flew out from the Lingxi Sword. Seeing this jade white living place, she was beaming with pleasure. She moved all around the room before she comfortably laid on the bed. She shouted, Finally, theres a place that Im a little satisfied with. Thisll be my territory from now on.

Long Chen teased: Xiao Xi, you mean my place right? A single guy and a single girl alone on a one bed doesnt seem proper right?

Lingxi leaped up immediately, stared angrily at Long Chen and cursed: You wish, you shameful lecher! I wont sleep in the same place as you. From now on, the bed is mine and the floor is yours!

Long Chen laughed for a while before ignoring her. After walking for a few steps, he realized that there was a basement in this room. The arrangement of the basement was actually in the form of a training room. Long Chen sat on a praying mat after entering the room. He yelled to the lively Lingxi, who was still upstairs, Hey! You can just play up there. Ill be treating my wounds.

Frankly speaking, the punch from Huang Feiyang earlier today had shifted his inner organs. If not for his extraordinary will, Long Chen shouldnt have been able to endure until now. It was also because of his extraordinary willpower that Gan Lin put him in such high regard.

After taking out the Canola Grass, Long Chen closely examined it and found that the medical smell of the Canola Grass was more pungent than that of the Enchanted Hill Ginseng.

No wonder its ranked as a high Huang grade elixir!

After crushing the Canola Grass, Long Chen felt a cool energy flowing in his body, nurturing his body.

In less than fifteen minutes, Long Chen found that his current recovery rate really was astounding. Normal people would usually need five days to recover this kind of injuries. He would only need one day.

Opening his eyes, Long Chens eyes radiated a golden light

Huang Feiyang, this punch from today. I will return it to you!

Even though there were still disparities between them, that distance in power wasnt impossible to catch up to.

When I enter Human Dan Realm and combine it with the [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist] and [Dragon Soul Transformation]

Long Chen knew that Huang Feiyang hated him to his bones. While they lived in this Green Willow Residence, if Long Chen didnt kill him, there would be a day that Huang Feiyang would kill him.

Night time arrived quickly. Suddenly there was a sound of someone knocking on the door. Lingxis eyes were will with loathing as she said, That stinky woman is looking for you!

Which one? Long Chen didnt know why Lingxis face looked so sour.

That Liu thing during the day. She came here so late in the night. She really is shameless!

Chapter end

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