Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 5 – Yang Lingqing

Chapter 5 – Yang Lingqing

Three days later, Long Chen stood in front of a two meter tall rock.

To his left was a forest, and to his right was a river, alongside the river, rocks of enormous sizes could be seen everywhere.

Long Chen inhaled deeply, exerting Qi explosively through his whole body, his body moved as fast as a cannonball and rushed towards a huge boulder, he shouted fiercely and then punched. His fist as if a streak of a huge falling star, whistled towards the boulder and then smashed!


The huge boulder shattered into many pieces, after which they were swept away by the huge wind that accompanied the punch. About half of the remaining rocks flew into the water, exploding and splashing everywhere.

Body like a starry night, fist like a meteorite, as heavy as Mt. Tai, as fast as lightningThis [Falling Star Fist] includes both speed and weight, hence it is able to display such strength, right now I am in the second level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, so it is still difficult to display the full effect of the [Falling Star Fist], but Long Chens eyes flashed coldly, If I meet Chen Liu the next time, I will definitely kill him with just this blow!

Within three days, I, Long Chen will completely master this [Falling Star Fist], if this were to be exposed to the public, I think they would definitely be stunned.

Walking along the riverbank, Long Chen washed his face with the river water, and looked at himself through the reflection.

These days I have been training crazily, and my body looks like it has gotten more chiseled, skin is also darker by several tones, but still, I am so handsome, surely I wont have a shortage of chicks in the future.

Thinking of which, Long Chen smiled shrewdly.

Suddenly, there came a rustling sound behind his back, which gave Long Chen a shock, he hurriedly bowed down and laid flat, one leg hooking up, but what surprised him was the feeling of his leg knocking against something soft and bouncy. Afterwards a figure flew over his head, which shouted in surprise and then fell into the river.

Long Chen stood up and looked, quickly realized that the person who originally wanted to backstab him, had now been kicked into the river and the identity was a teenage lady, this girl did not look like a weakling, so being kicked into the river by Long Chen was only due to a momentary slip-up.

Her face seethed with fury, and very soon jumped from the river onto the shore, she pursed her lips, angrily looking at Long Chen with a pair of sparkling eyes that seemed to eat Long Chen up.

This girls age seemed similar to Long Chens, she had a graceful figure, with bright eyes, white teeth, the face as if it was jade. She was wearing a light azure colored long dress, and she was a rare young beauty. Long Chen had never seen such a beautiful girl, and was momentarily stunned.

This girl just came out from the river, her clothing soaked, at this point in time the girls body, her snowy skin and her alluring body curves could faintly be seen, and even the underwear was embroidered with a small doggy picture. This had all been caught under Long Chens gaze, and her prominent chest area, had made Long Chens throat go dry.

From Long Chens eyes, the girl knew that he was up to no good, she immediately got angry and scolded: Pervert!

Her Qi swelled explosively, a wave of scorching Qi pushed Long Chen several steps backwards, and at once her drenched clothing instantly became dry. Then this girl staring fiercely at Long Chen, gritted her teeth and said: YouWhat did you see earlier?

Long Chen hastily replied: Nothing, miss, I did not see anything

Looking at the serious expression of Long Chen, only then did she forgive him. However thinking back on it, she resentfully said: Well done Yang Chen, your elder sister, me, only wanted to scare you, but you actually pushed me down the river, you bastard!

Elder sister?

But Long Chen did not recognize this girl so he asked: Who are you?

Under such a direct question, the girl became angry and scolded: Well done you idiot, you dont even recognize your big sister, I am Yang Ling Qing, your second uncle Yang Yuntians second daughter.

Oh, so it was actually you

Long Chen suddenly recalled of this lass, speaking of whom she actually had a certain fate with him, because they were born on the same year, same month and same day. And at the time when Long Chen was born, it was just at the Chen hour; hence the name given to him was Chen.

Yang Lingqing was usually hiding at home and not going out, and Long Chen only saw her a few times, so he definitely had forgotten. However thinking back on a certain thing, Long Chen smiled smugly: Girl, you told me to call you big sister? Although we were born on the same year, same month and same day, but I was born in the Chen hour, while you were in the Xi hour, speaking of which I should be your elder brother

After finishing speaking, he did not even bother with Yang Ling Qings angry expression, but just found a rock in the forest to sit down on.

You smelly idiot, stay right there!

Yang Lingqing walked to the front of Long Chen and coldly said: Alright, this matter about whos older, lets not talk about it first, anyway we were both born on the same day, so lets take it as were the same age. Just now I happened to walk past here and actually saw you using [Falling Star Fist], and you even practiced it with decent form, what actually happened?

So it was because she saw him.

Long Chen thought about it, thinking that it did not matter even if she saw him, while this lass was a little arrogant, but she had never bullied Long Chen before. Also she did not have that look of despise, hence Long Chen had some positive feelings towards her, so he is still willing to talk to her.

He smiled happily at the other party, saying: Why? I am not allowed to practice the [Falling Star Fist]? I made you jealous and envy me? What a pity, you and I are related by blood, so it is not a good sign, if you were someone else, maybe I could still teach you.

Yang Lingqing after being told off by him became angry and nonchalantly threw out a punch, and a rock that was even bigger had actually been blown to bits.

You see that, I too know about the [Falling Star Fist], besides I am in the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, much stronger compared to you!

Long Chen was a little stunned, who knew that this lass that was the same age as him, had the cultivation level that was actually better than her brother Yang Zhan.

Looking at her pretending to stare at him angrily, Long Chen chuckled within, he already knew her goal. A girls dignity was not good to step on, so he said: Indeed, you also know the Falling Star Fist, but you have not mastered it, not being able to go into the body at the starry sky, fist like a meteorite stage, if I had your level of Qi, the might of my [Falling Star Fist] would have been twice as powerful as yours. Oh well, today I am feeling great, so I shall be generous and explain to you how to do it.

Yang Lingqing was shocked, and thought: This guy is pretty good, I only threw out a punch, but he could actually see that my mastery of the [Falling Star Fist] isnt there.

Okay, seeing how you are so eager, I will grudgingly accept your offer, but all of this is willingly taught by you, do not seek any remuneration from me, let me first tell you, I myself am so poor that Im almost dying

A country bumpkin like you, as your elder brother, teaching you is only right, who would want something from you?


Yang Lingqing was so angry even her mouth became twisted, growing up until now, this is the first time that somebody called her a bumpkin.

Right now Ill let you be cocky, and after you teach me, I will definitely let you suffer before leaving!

She forcefully suppressed her anger down.

Of course, her thoughts could not be heard by Long Chen. He was only looking at the delightful sight, and he also did not have many friends; today he did this on a whim, and had enough mastery on the [Falling Star Fist] so he could demonstrate in detail.

The [Falling Star Fist] most importantly is about the stance, look at the shooting stars in the sky, they are all always advancing, and nothing is able to stop their path

When you use your fist, you cannot have any hesitation, absolutely give no thought to staying alive, your heart only thinking of wanting to destroy and conquer the enemies, advancing forward, only then can you understand the true meaning of the [Falling Star Fist]

After explaining for a long time, Yang Lingqing was finally enlightened, however Yang Ling Qings attitude towards Long Chen had changed into adoration.

She could not imagine, a second level of Dragon Pulse Realm fellow could actually have such deep enlightenment towards the way of martial arts.

When they separated, Yang Lingqing said: Hey, today I must still thank you, completely learning this [Falling Star Fist], I have a higher chance of competing against elder sister Lingyue in the family competition, who knows I might even be able to win our familys treasured martial technique [Seal of the Dragons].

Hearing about the [Seal of the Dragons], Long Chens eyes flashed, and asked: Girl, when is the family competition going to be held?

It should be about half a month later, but you dont need to have any ideas about that anymore, elder sister Lingyue has already cultivated to the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, amongst the younger generation besides elder brother Yang Wu Im afraid no one can be her match, besides elder brother Yang Wu has long gotten the [Seal of the Dragons], so this round the obvious winner would probably be elder sister LingyueAlright, I wont chat with you any longer, I have to rush back and cultivate, gotta work hard to enter the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

Saying her piece, the lass ran away. The sight of her azure long dress swaying behind her back, it was rather cute.

Long Chen watched her leave, swallowing down a mouthful of saliva.

This lass looks and character are both at a very high level, too bad that Heaven is blind, actually making her my cousin. No chance at all to act, what a pity.

Sitting on the azure rock, Long Chen looked towards the direction of the Yang residence.

Sixth level of the Dragon Pulse RealmHalf a month later, I think it truly is impossible for me after all. But father has warned me repeatedly, how can I not try to obtain the [Seal of the Dragons]. This little lass is already striving so hard, I must not be any slower, sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm is after all the sixth level, I will train and cultivate as if my life depends on it, I must definitely have a chance at least!

Cultivate! Strive! Persevere!

Beads of sweat trickled down.

All the way until the sky turned dark, only then did Long Chen go back to the Yang residence, the Yang family now has already lit up the lanterns, making a field of brightness.

Just as he was entering, a group of people walked out in a grandiose fashion, Long Chen looked up, and was just blocking the middle of the groups path, so those people, who were chatting cheerfully, immediately noticed him.

The leader of the group was a pretty and mature lady; she was Yang Xueqing, Long Chens mother.

Behind Yang Xueqing was a coquettish girl, the one Yang Lingqing spoke off that was in the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, Yang Lingyue, eighteen years of age, the daughter of the oldest uncle, Yang Xueqings elder brother Yang Qingxuan.

Yang familys eldest son was named Yang Qingxuan; he was currently representing the household for general affairs, the second son Yang Yuntian was in charge of the household finances, and the third daughter Yang Xueqing was delegated to teach cultivation to the younger generation.

Yang familys eldest son Yang Qingxuan had a son and a daughter, named Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue respectively. Yang Wu was the best out of the Yang familys younger generation, while Yang Lingyue would be the coquettish lady in front of him.

Yang familys second son Yang Yuntian had a son and a daughter also, Yang Zhan who was constantly bullying Long Chen, as well as Yang Lingqing whom he met earlier.

Yang Xueqing is the only woman in the elder generation who had a profound cultivation, so Yang Lingyue who is constantly following Yang Xueqing, can be considered as her half daughter.

While this side had two ladies, on the other side there were two men.

The one together in the lead with Yang Xueqing chatting happily was a handsome middle aged man, coupled with a long beard and white robes, seeming elegant. And behind him was a young guy, his gaze electrifying, a chiseled build, his mannerism was filled with vigor, very much similar to the middle aged man.

The two men should share a father and son relationship.

As they spotted Long Chen standing in front of them suddenly, Yang Xueqing was stunned a little, and then hurriedly faced the middle aged man and laughed: Big Brother Bai, originally I have wanted you to admire our Yang familys orchid and lotus pool, but the sky has already turned this dark

No worries, Younger Sister Qing, you and me both reside in Poplar Town, we will always be able to see each other, if there is any spare time, I will naturally once again pay a visit to you here, after all the fame of the Yang familys orchid and lotus pool is rather resoundingChck out ltst vl on novl/bin(.)cm

Both of them continued talking away cheerfully. Under the protection of some guards they walked past Long Chen.

Only Yang Lingyue turned around and gave Long Chen a stare, then resumed to converse with the younger guy beside her, occasionally pouting playfully.

Very good, ignoring my existence totally, as if I have no difference from the air.

Long Chen gradually clenched his fists tightly.

Seeing how my father died, yet you are already rushing over to a new flame, first lets not talk about my fathers reputation, but this Bai Zhanxiong fellow, I will definitely not let you marry him! Even if you are heartless towards me, but I Long Chen cannot be lacking in moral values, after all my blood and flesh was given by you

Bai Zhanxiong looks like a gentleman on the outside, but truthfully he isnt any good at all, the last time the courtesans from Emerald Jade House, were all killed by him

Watching this middle aged man who was laughing with Yang Xueqing, Long Chen recalled a distant memory, and Emerald Jade Houses courtesans were all his friends, selling their art but never their body. But they were secretly kidnapped, if Long Chen did not witness this scene, then nobody would have known about it. From that day on, he knew that this Bai Zhanxiong in fact was a beast.

In front of this Bai Zhanxiong, you actually scorned me this much, ignoring my existence, but I Long Chen am not a person who fears loneliness, the more you want me to disappear, the more I want to be in front of you, showing off. If you think both of us father and son are useless, then I will only have to continue to become stronger!

There will come a day, where I stand in front of you, and you wouldnt dare to look down on me, and youll be repenting on your knees in front of me! You as a mother have never done any obligations a mother should have done! I hate you! But I can never ignore you the same way as you did to me!

At this moment, the group of people had already passed him, Long Chen bowed his head, clenched his fist tightly, his fingernails digging so deep into the flesh that blood flowed out.

His body felt as if surging against a huge wave.

His heart, as if nurturing a wild beast, fiercely roared with ferocity.

Returning to his abode, Long Chen started preparing for his shower, as well as preparing to practice cultivating.

Suddenly, he saw a slip of note under the teacups on the table. Picking it up, he briefly got angry.

The note wrote: If you want to keep Xiao Huang alive, then come to the Rising Sun Inn, second floor room number one and hurry up! Do not be late!

Chapter end

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