A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 10 Shocked

Chapter 10 Shocked

Archer and Talila were discussing life as they walked back. , ”So Archer, what affinities do you have?” , He answered with a little bit of hesitation in his voice, which didn’t escape Talila’s eyes. , ”Emm, I can use Space and Lighting magic so far, I can also learn support spells such as Body Enhancement and Cleanse.” , She got a shocked look on her face before it vanishes as quickly as it appeared. , ”So you have dual affinities, that’s rare, not many people are blessed by the Goddess Nemani, The goddess only blesses truly exceptional people with extra gifts.” , Talila glances at him while smiling. , ”She must value you greatly Archer, whatever she has planned for you is sure to be something special.” , She asked him a question as they continued their walk along the stone road. , ”Did you complete your wild dog quest?” , Nodded his head then stopped speaking. , Archer thought about the goddess and what she wanted from him. , She must have been the one who brought him here from Earth. , ”So Talila, where do you come from?” , She looked at the strange boy. ”I come from a land far south from here.” , ”Oh, what is it like there?” , ”Dark, damp, and a battleground if you live there.” , Talila stops speaking, Archer just watches her speed up. , Her long silver ponytail was swinging side to side and he noticed her ears twitching, which meant she was annoyed. , A couple of hours later they arrived in the city. , The group started heading toward the adventurers guild. , While walking, the twin knights asked Archer about the black sword he used when they saw him. 𝘪𝑎.𝘤𝑜𝘮, ”So what was that sword you held, Archer?” Feyra asked him. , Radyn spoke up before Archer could answer. , ”I think it was an element sword, must be a spell sister.” ., They started thinking about it as they heard Archer answer them. , ”Yes, it’s an element sword, It’s one of the spells I learned before becoming an adventurer.” , They both nodded then went back to thinking again. , The group came arrived at the guild. , Entering the building they all approached the counter. The receptionist at the counter looked up at them. , She was a high elf with blonde hair tied into a neat bun and blue eyes. Her ears were longer than Ella’s and Talila’s. , Thinking about Ella. ‘Her ears are shorter than Talila’s and the high elf’s, maybe she’s a half-elf?’ , Archer reminded himself that he would send her a letter in a few days and ask her about it in the future. , Shaking his head as he heard the elf speak to Talila. ”Welcome back Sparrows, how was the goblin hunt?” , Talila was about to speak until Darius spoke up. , ”It was easy, a few more goblins than we thought there would be, but in the end, it was all fine.” , Archer thought to himself. ‘Sparrows, is that their adventuring group name?’ , Talila spoke over Darius before he could continue to ramble on. , ”It turned out well, with the help of the little guy over there.” , She pointed at Archer who was standing there watching everything unfold. The elf cocked her eyebrows as she recognized Archer. , ”Are you not the boy Sarah dealt with yesterday?” , ”Yes, why?” , ”How did you come to help the Sparrows, would you mind telling me?” , Nodding at the woman, he wondered whether to tell her about what had happened. , He saw Talila nodding her head at him, so he told her. , ”Well, when I was completing my quest, I heard a scream and ran towards it, I found these guys fighting goblins. , They were about to be overwhelmed when I helped them out. , After getting them out of their sticky situation, I spoke to the wonderful Talila and we met up after completing our quests.” , As a result of what he said, the Sparrows and the elf stared at him strangely. , ”What, It’s the truth is it not?” , The elf grinned as she turned to Talila giggling. , ”Girl it seems like you have yourself an admirer.” , The dark elf scowled at the receptionist before speaking. , ”Shut up Vaella, stop joking around!” , She turned on Archer who she caught looking at her ears. , ‘Why is he staring at my ears?’ , ”Stop looking at me you little **, we’ve talked about this.” , Archer looked offended at her words before puffing out his chest with a smile. , ”What?!, you’re telling me I can’t admire a beautiful woman?” , Talila’s cheeks became red and Vaella started laughing. , The rest ignored it, as they noticed Talila wasn’t getting angry at the boy. , She turned on Archer and introduced herself while smiling. , ”Hello Talila’s future husband, my name is Vaella, her oldest friend, but you can just call me big sister.” , He smiled at her words and was about to reply when two fists shot out hitting both of them on their heads. , Bop!~ Bop!~ , ””OUCH!”” , Talila bopped both idiots on the head for their stupid jokes. , ”Stop joking you idiots, we both need to register the completion of our guests.” , Rubbing her head Vaella went to look for the records of the quests the Sparrows and Archer took. , After five minutes she looked at Archer. , ”Did the farmer pay you the 80 silver?” , He nodded before taking out a corpse to show her. , When the wild dog’s corpse appeared in front of her, she was shocked to the core as he put it back. , ”W-w-what did you just do?!” , Archer looked at the woman before answering. , ”It’s a storage skill I learned, It’s useful for hunting.” , Vaella nods slowly before asking for his card and stamping it with something. , ”Congratulations, you’ve completed your first quest Archer, oh by the way I don’t know if Sarah told you, but anything under one gold is paid out by the issuer of the quest, while the guild takes a little bit when they post it.” , He nodded before asking. , ”How can I sell the bodies I’ve collected so far?” , Smiling as she replied. , ”I will call the butchers and they will collect the bodies from here, show me what you’ve got.” , ”Are you sure, there’s a lot of bodies.” , She gets a doubtful look. ”How many?” , ”40.” , After hearing the number, the group was shocked, that’s when Vaella walked to a set of stairs and told the group to follow her. , After walking for a few minutes, they arrived at a single wooden door. , They all entered the door. , The room was spacious and a bunch of seats were set up in one corner of the room. , Everyone except Archer and Vaella sat down. ”Take out whatever you have got so far.” , He removed 19 wild dog bodies, 18 goblin bodies, 2 forest wolf bodies, and the dinosaur-looking beast from his item box. , Everyone in the room was shocked at this kid’s ability. Talila spoke up. ”How did you do all this Archer?” , He looked at her as he replied.”I was hunting and collecting the kills.” , They all looked at him with suspicion. She asked him with a shocked look on her face. , ”Why are their chests opened up?” , Archer looked away and whistled as they all stared at the bodies. No one spoke for a couple of seconds before Feyra spoke. , ”Everyone is entitled to their secrets leave the boy alone.” , They all nodded before Vaella examined the bodies. , She left the room, and after five minutes she returned with three men who stopped walking when they saw the pile of beasts. , ”This will take the rest of today to deal with.” , Upon approaching the pile, they started storing them in the rings they were wearing. , They left the room as Vaella turned to Archer and gave him an estimate. , ”Archer that is about eight gold coins worth of materials, can you collect it tomorrow morning?” , He nodded his head and sat with the others. , She approached them and sat opposite them before handing them a bag of coins. , ”Sparrows this is for the goblin hunt, and the rest is for the other two quests you completed before.” , Talila took the pouch, opened it, and shared it with the group before storing hers away in a ring that was on her right hand’s middle finger. , Talila stood up and spoke. , ”Well, that concludes this business. We’re leaving to go find an inn.” , They were about to leave when Vaella stopped them. , ”Wait Talila, the guild master has a special job for you guys.” , She stopped walking and turned to the high elf. , ”There’s an urgent shipment leaving for the Demonian Kingdom in the morning, he wants the Sparrows to be its escorts there and back.” , That’s when they all looked excited. , Novius then spoke up. ”Who commissioned the quest?” , ”The Iron-shadow trading company.” , They all got greedy looks on their faces. All six accepted the job. , After five minutes of talking they all left the guild to find an inn to rest for the night. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, Read latest chapters at . Only

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